Learn to Lead Courses in the Lake District

Learn to Lead Courses

Learn to Lead Courses in the Lake District Overview

For many aspiring climbers, learning to lead is a natural progression. Perhaps you’ve done some leading at your local climbing wall or have done some ‘seconding’, and would like to have a go at leading outdoors? Whatever your experience, we can help! If you would like to book on one of our learn to lead courses in the Lake District, you should already have most of the skills of a competent second.

What’s covered on a Learn to Lead Courses in the Lake District?

We aim to get you leading in a well-controlled and supervised environment. We usually start off by doing a few pitches of climbing to get you warmed up and to make sure that all of the essential skills such as tying in, belaying and attaching yourself to an anchor are all safe and slick. The risks associated with leading are significantly increased compared to ‘seconding’ or climbing on a top or bottom rope, however, we can help you build the skills to lead competently.

All of these skills can be developed in isolation and the whole process of leading can be pulled together by simulated leading. This is a great way of ‘practicing’ leading but with the added security of a top or bottom rope. Once these skills are refined, its time to do it for real! It is important to acknowledge that whilst your instructor can facilitate leading with the building blocks mentioned here, unfortunately, there are no guarantees. As the risks associated with leading are higher, it will always be at the discretion of your instructor.

How many can participate?

This course works well on a 1:2 basis (instructor to participant) and can be booked from one to three days in duration.

How much will it cost?

Our pricing structure is based on a sliding scale with a reduced daily fee for every additional day booked. If you would like to reserve a contingency day around your preferred date/s in order to pick the best weather and conditions for your course or activity we may be able to arrange this for an additional fee. For more details, please see our pricing structure.

How to book?

Use the enquiry form on this page and we’ll get back to you with all of the details. We require a 30% deposit to secure bookings. If you would like any more information or have a specific question, please send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

What equipment will I need?

The following list covers all of the essential equipment that you will require for your course. If you have any questions about any of the items listed here or are missing something, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you further.

* As this is a more advanced course for experienced climbers you may already have your own harness, helmet, and hardware. We will be happy for you to use it so long as it’s suitable. You may also want to include a couple of prusiks and a few extra screw gate carabiners.

  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing shoes
  • Belay device
  • HMS carabiner
  • Warm layers (i.e. fleece)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof overtrousers
  • Approach shoes/walking boots
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Headtorch
  • Rucksack (30-40 ltr)
  • Packed Lunch
  • Hot/cold drink


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