Rock Climbing Courses in the Lake District

We offer a range of structured climbing courses that cater for all abilities and aspirations. We tailor the climbing to your experience and requirements.

Climbing Troutdale Pinnacle

Scrambling and Mountaineering Courses in the Lake District

Scrambling is a fantastic way of exploring the mountains and is a logical stepping-stone for hill walkers who want to get into steeper terrain.

Scrambling and Mountaineeting Courses in the Lake District

Navigation Courses in the Lake District

The ability to navigate efficiently and accurately in the mountains is fundamental for any outdoor enthusiast. We offer two courses to suit various abilities.

Navigation Courses in the Lake District

Introductory Winter Skills Courses

We offer one and two-day introductory winter skills courses that are geared towards active summer hill walkers who are keen to learn and develop new skills.

Winter Skills Courses in the Lake District

Winter Mountaineering Courses

If you have dreams of big days in winter but feel that you need to work on a particular skill, or set of skills, then you’re in the right place.

Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

Winter Climbing Courses

Sharpen your tools and your skills! We offer two structured winter climbing courses that will help you become a safer and more productive winter climber.

Winter Climbing in Scotland

Ropework and Rigging Workshop

This half-day Ropework and Rigging Workshop is designed to help you build the skills necessary to set up top and bottom rope systems on single pitch crags.